Frequently Asked Questions

What makes Artistic Pavers different from other paver installers?

First, we have been serving West Central Florida FOR 33 YEARS—since 1985!  If you do have a warranty issue, Artistic will be there. Many of our competitors are financially unstable and may or may not be in business in a year or two.   Additionally, we are fully licensed (#C-10121) and fully insured with both liability and worker’s compensation insurance. We offer our customers peace of mind, as they know they’re dealing with a legitimate company that is here today and will be here tomorrow.

Can you put thin pavers over an existing concrete driveway?
Some installers will do this, but Artistic Pavers will not.  While they look great initially, thin pavers over a concrete driveway are almost certainly destined to have issues over time.  With our reputation at stake with every job we install, Artistic has made the decision to require the excavation of the concrete driveway before we install full pavers.  Yes it will cost a little more initially, but in the long run, properly excavating the driveway and putting down the right base material will save you hassles.

How much money will pavers cost? 
The size of your job, materials used, excavation needs, pool drains, coping, and steps, are many of the factors that affect the price. It is difficult to give an estimate without seeing the job you’d like to have done. We can come to your home and give you a quick free written estimate. In addition, you will get to see some samples first hand.

How do I measure my driveway, pool deck, sidewalk, or patio?
It is best to have one of our representatives measure the space you are considering having pavers installed. Measuring is especially difficult on the more complex surfaces (such as free form pool decks) and minor miscalculations over the phone can be costly in terms of time and money.

What are my payment options?
You may pay by check or credit card. We also accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express.

When will I be charged for your services?
We require 50% down with the balance due upon completion. This allows us the ability to order your pavers.

How long will my installation take?
Once your order is placed, the job typically will be ready for installation within a couple of weeks. However, the time frame can vary significantly depending upon the products you select, weather and the availability of your pavers. Once the materials are on site, most residential installations are completed within one or two days!

Should I choose a color or a blend?
We feel it is almost always best to select a blend, as it will help hide dirt. But keep in mind that there is no way to control the amount of each color used to make the blend. If you select a Red/Tan/Charcoal blend. For example, some of the brick will look solid Red, some solid Tan, some solid Charcoal but most will have portions of each. There is no way to determine how much of each color you will receive.

Can I use thin pavers with full pavers?
Yes, you can use thin pavers in one location and thick pavers elsewhere, but thin pavers are made on a totally different machine than full pavers—and in some cases an entirely different manufacturing plant- so colors may not match.  Over the years, Artistic has learned which manufacturers best match fulls and thins and will suggest these manufacturers for your project.

Why is sand used to “finish” the job?
Sand helps secure the pavers, but do not confuse it with grout. With sweeping and hosing, the sand will work itself between the bricks and eventually disappear.

Should my pavers be sealed?
Sealing offers several benefits including stain resistance, fewer weeds, a more even look to the sand, and maybe most importantly, UV protection which can greatly reduce fading.  In addition, sealing often will make the colors more vibrant and improve the overall appearance of your pavers.  We recommend that you strongly consider sealing your driveway pavers, as they are usually darker colors which are most susceptible to fading, and driveway pavers are prone to staining from oil and tire marks.  The benefits of sealing pool deck and lanai pavers, particularly if they are lighter colors, are more aesthetic than functional.  Manufacturers suggest waiting 30-60 days before sealing anyway (so the pavers can fully cure). Will also give you a chance to see if you like the unsealed look of your pavers before committing to having them sealed.

Is there a warranty? 
Paver manufacturers often provide a ten to twenty year warranty on the structural integrity of their pavers.  Artistic Pavers provides a one year warranty on workmanship on residential remodels, new builds and on commercial projects.

From what companies do you source your pavers?
Unlike some companies which may sell pavers from only one or two manufacturers, we offer pavers from Flagstone, Tremron, Belgard, Artistic Pavers, and Stonemart! This flexibility allows you to find what you like and fits your home needs and décor.

What areas do you serve?
We service from Venice to Hudson and from Belleair Beach to Plant City.  Whether you live in Tampa, St. Petersburg, Tarpon Springs, Palm Harbor, Lutz, Brandon or Bradenton, our paver showrooms in Clearwater is not far away.

Where can I look at samples or whom should I contact for an estimate?
You may visit our expansive Outdoor Showroom in Clearwater – one of the largest in West Central Florida.  Please call ahead as showroom times vary.  One of our representatives will also be happy to bring samples to you.  Bringing samples to your home will also allow us to measure your area and provide a quick, accurate written estimate.

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